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eric_and_nunuG’day, folks. I’m Nunu, pronounced “Noo-noo”. Real name is Nicholas, but some smarties mucked around with that and made it nickel-arse, which is not very nice, so I now get called Nunu. That’s me in the photo, on the right. Other bloke is Eric, he asked me to write something for his blog. I’ll tell more ’bout Eric later.

I’ve got a registered keeper name of Hinerangi, and we live in a unit down southways. My keeper has another name, but I like Hinerangi. Sounds more exotic and mysterious. And she’s made our unit real nice, with garden front and back, and latest thing is a huge red lounge – I mean, like huge. Could sleep four people, easy. Maybe more. We tried it out over the weekend. Was like camping-out. You can watch the TV from it, if you can stay awake. I think my keeper might be doing that – sit down to watch the news and fall fast asleep.

My keeper’s got a fulltime job now, and all the travelling really drains her, although I think things get better at the end of the week. It’s a pretty good life here in the unit. Eric comes down sometimes, and I always monster him. I think he must have lots of chooks, ‘cos he always brings some for me. It’s dead chook, of course, which is okay as I eat it anyway. I just wish I could do something like that for my keeper, something like have a nice meal ready for her when she gets home.

I’ll think of more to write by tomorrow, and you can always write me back a comment if you like. Yip-yip! 🙂




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