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G’day, folks;

Is a two-week suspension really censorship – or even an admonition? Sounds more like a triumphal “We’ll be back!” – after a brief interlude to emphasise their return.

The Chaser skit raises some fascinating questions. First to my mind was, have the Chaser creators read “The Country of Lost Children“, by Peter Pierce. See, for instance, A darkly confronting study into Australians attitudes toward their children.

And I was immediately reminded of the “children overboard” incident. Out of all possible explanations why were we so eager to accept/believe that children had in fact been thrown? Was there a lurking jealousy here? “Oh, they’re lucky. They can throw their kids away when it suits them.

The Chaser skit simply burst the dam of a huge boil of pus that was already there, aching for an outlet.

The Chaser skit lifted the lid on a festering cauldron of shame, resentment, and anger that must accompany the parenting of a defective child, no matter how strenuously we may try to camouflage those “unacceptable attitudes“.

The Chaser team deserve an award for conspicuous bravery. It’s a shame we can’t bring ourselves to making such a citation.

Eric Carwardine, in Perth, Western Australia


One Comment

  1. I like it when they apologised and nicely put the blame back on the Australian public, saying something along the lines of “we thought the skit was too very the top to be taken seriously.”

    I’m still gonna watch when it airs again, though I was part of the few that were not offended at all. To me, the Fritzl thing was worse or “too far.”

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