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A week for sneering

Enough to make you sneer.

It’s apparently okay in Perth, Western Australia, to throw rocks if you show promise as a footbrawler, even if you don’t live in a glass house. It doesn’t matter what the rocks might hit the football brotherhood will make sure the media treats you kindly. Zhit!

Yes, it’s certainly been a week for sneering in this most-isolated-capitol-in-the-world. We began with announcing how we planned to pin a medal on yet another adrenalin-junkie. But we couldn’t name him. Better change your email provider to one of the anonymous services (gmail is good) ‘cos I have this uneasy feeling that we just made anything with ‘au’ in its designation an even bigger liability than the Australian cricket team.

And we finished the week with the Labor Party in Western Australia declaring that if any foreigner’s arse was worth licking then us proles could be randomly stopped and searched without any reason, during the upcoming Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Perth. A direct reversal of Labor policy of as recently as a week ago. Zhit!

And I finished the week by discovering what a timid mob they’ve got moderating the Bigpondnews forum. I tried alerting them to the legal hazards of moderating within Australia but the thread closed apparently just before I pressed send.

Ah well, at least my adopted ‘sister’ looked good enough to eat!


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